Rescue Boots

Rescue Boots
Product : Rescue Boots
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Rescue Boots is dedicated to firefighters and workers in high-temperature and high-temperature fire disaster relief and rescue operations wearing boots.
The main technical performance:
1. Soles made ​​from natural rubber soft, wearable, no deformation.
2. With waterproof tape to prevent water from entering inside the boots.
3. Side seam bottom line is not easy to wear off.
4. Light weight; each pair rescue boots weigh less than l. 5 kg.
5. Insulation; rescue boots insulation resistance test is heated at 30min, inner soles temperature less than 22 ℃.
6. Skid resistance; rescue boots slip performance test conditions during the initial slip angle> 15 degrees can be achieved after slip.
Built-in steel header, anti-puncture plate by molding or sewn.
Product Features:
With anti-smashing, anti-puncture, insulation, oil, high temperature, anti-skid properties.

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