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Load Testing Equipment

AUTHOR : admin Date : 6/6/2016 7:33:00 PM
Load Test
MATCHAU brand says it all.
We can consider the Water Bags for Load Testing as a product unique,secure and guaranteed certificate. They are specifically designed for providing a load for test instead of the traditional standard solid weights.
MATCHAU Water Bags for Load Test in Cranes,Davits,Overhead Cranes and Gantries Cranes or every item/equipment for load lifting and release. This system is recognized worldwide as the most effective system,safe,efficient and cost-effective to load application during testing.
MATCHAU Water Bags for Load Test weigh less than 2% of achievable load,allowing considerable savings in transportation costs,storage and test activities.
As the load is gradually applied,you can identify during the filling process of the Water Bags,any failure of the equipment to be tested before to complete the application of the maximum load,making the Water Bags Load Test system the safest on the market.
Safety, always !!!